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Discount Card Fundraising

The Roster Rocket Discount Card:
One of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers!


Watch your profits rocket to the sky when you employ one of the simplest fundraising projects ever! Fundraising is often dependent on the support of local businesses — Businesses who are watching their budgets. Advertisers on the discount card pay NOTHING to the Booster Club!

Your team members ask local businesses for a special discount which is printed on a card that’s sold in the community. Businesses win, customers win and your team wins!


3 Easy Steps.


1. Ask local businesses for a special offer for your patrons. 

2. Order cards. Distribute at a team meeting.

3. Sell the cards & watch the profits roll in!

Fundraising can be a hassle.


Funds are needed for sports and community programs, but people aren't exactly dropping money into your pockets. So what’s an organization to do?

Well there’s the tried and true fundraising tactics…. car washes, bake sales, clothing sales, raffles, contests, beef-n-beer, mattress sales, etc etc. But you know what they all involve? You, the parent. YOU are the ones raising the money for the team's benefit.

How would you like a solution that involves only a fraction of the time and effort you’ve spent before?

Here’s the thing. Whether you live in the suburbs or city, local businesses are eager to gain customers. Yet they’re not eager to spend advertising dollars. Our solution marries the two: free advertising for local businesses and minimal work for parents.


Spend a couple hours door-to-door or through phone calls or emails, ask the businesses to make a special offer to customers which you’ll print on a card that the players will sell to the community. It’s truly that simple.

Did I say it’s a win-win? Because it is!

The sheer amount of profit that can come from this program will blow away any day-long car wash or candle sales. How much profit, you ask? Click here.

The business will spend nothing, and the customer will earn the cost of the card back in savings almost immediately. 

I’ll walk you through the whole process. Easy peasy. Everything you need is here on this site and you can be ready to roll in minutes.


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